The commercial property evaluator software provides a place for studios, 1 bed, and 2 bed units, but what if you have a property with 3 beds or you have some lower income subsidized units along with normally priced units?

The simplest solution for this is to take the total monthly income and divide it by the total number of units to get the average rent per unit, like this:

Total units - 24

Average rent - 1480

Then choose any unit type and enter these amounts

For example, you can choose any of these spots to enter the average rents


1 bed 

2 bed 

Even though we might have a mix of 1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed, etc, enter the average amount into any spot like this


1 bed # units - 24        1 Bed Actual Rent - 1480 

2 bed

The evaluator will do the math correctly even though you put the numbers into the 1 bed spot

If you are using a version of the evaluator that includes a spot for market rents, you can do the same thing in the market rent spot to get the proforma value of the property